Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Making History...

making history is more fun than wallowing in it...

the past is...period...let it be...

the people who made the history we love to review did so by doing...not by obstructing...

basically...FORGE AHEAD...

change is gonna happen even if you stamp your feet and hold your breath until you turn blue...

a lot of what usetabe was great...a lot of it really sucked...

the loss of what was once great saddens me...but the prospect of ever greater buoys my spirit...

make some history of your own...make a mark not a scar... 

Tuesday, February 11, 2020



CLIMATE CRISIS 1.0    2007


Monday, December 16, 2019

The Natural Course of Events...

Get over the idea of Natural v. Man Made.

Everything we do is part of the natural course of events.

Our actions, good or bad, smart or dumb, are as natural as the sunrise.

Without man made change, there could be no us.

10,000,000,000 humans cannot live in caves.

The Natural World is not disappearing.

It's evolving, challenging our ability to adapt.


Tuesday, December 10, 2019


Aging profiteers with no future are deciding your future.

This is Bucket List time for them.

Kid with the most toys at the end wins.

Boomers don’t care if Earth becomes uninhabitable.

They'll be gone before the caca hits the fan.

As for your future, don't expect much.

These guys look forward and see nothing.

smythspace at gmail dot com

Thursday, November 28, 2019


Here’s what I have to offer.

Infrastructure needs fossil fuel.

People need infrastructure.

Energy profiteers know it.

Monday, July 8, 2019


SHORE UP is a rallying cry, like Man Up, or Buck Up.

It means, "Get over whatever's stopping you and get on with the business at hand."

SHORE UP also means get things braced for the worst.

Shore up the harbors.

Shore up the estuaries.

Shore up the coastal cities.

Turn the entire planet into The Netherlands.

I'm betting that's not gonna happen.

The question is, what is gonna happen, and what are we gonna to do about it?

Friday, March 23, 2018

Heads Up From Nature
Demand Tidal Power
The Natural Remedy For Sea Level Rise

Tidal Power is the natural remedy for Sea Level Rise.

The coastline we all love is changing.

Sea Level Rise looms over every horizon.

Right now, we are helpless to respond.

Nothing happens, while the climate change debate rages on, and everyone looks to point fingers and place blame.

For the record, if we stop using fossil fuels today, the seas will still rise.

With no fuel, the supply chain will quickly screech to a halt, and most of us will starve within weeks.

So, that's not gonna happen, but what is?

While we dither, the warming ocean continues to expand with zero concern for us or our fretful ways.

Nature does not dither or fret.

Sea Level Rise is real and present, for all the marbles, like it or not.


There’s a lot to do before Tidal Power can start providing port cities with the electricity needed for coastal remediation.

If we start now, we can still reap the benefits in time.

Here’s my suggestion for how to proceed.

Demand Tidal Power!

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Generating Awareness...

Scroll Down...Absorb This Page...Click Pure Product...

Monday, December 4, 2017

Catch And Release The Motion Of The Ocean...


Nothing Consumed

Out Of Sight      Out Of Mind

Tidal Power will help solve global issues related to sea level rise.

Enormous construction projects, designed to protect port cities from inundation, will soon be underway all over the planet.

Coastal Remediation will put a serious strain on the power grid of every one of these cities.

Shoreline Earth  can solve this impending problem before it gets out of hand.

With sea level rise looming on the horizon, we should immediately start treating Tidal Power with the same enthusiasm and determination we once showed for going to the Moon.

After all, Tidal Power comes to us courtesy of the Moon.

The challenge is, put Tidal Power on the fast track.

Let’s get started, the clock is ticking, and the tide is rising.

Let the competition begin.

Shoreline Earth Tidal Power Generator #1 is my offering.

The blades rotate as they catch and release tidal motion, transferring energy through the shaft, driving the generator with the full force of the ocean.

The tide continues to flow undisturbed.

All we do is borrow the energy.

RE the competition…

As of this writing, all the hype and funding is going towards wind farms on the Ocean, while Tidal Power gets overlooked.

Wind on the water has a serious leg up on Tidal Power, primarily because nobody knows anything about the benefits of Tidal Power, while the so-called ‘smart money’ is sold on wind.

Shoreline Earth’s 5Mw, plug and play unit will outperform Deepwater Wind or any other wind on the water project.

Deepwater cost $290  million ( with many estimates much higher ) to install five units capable of generating 6Mw/ea, creating a total potential output of 30Mw.

That’s about $10 million/Mw.

Model #1 will be delivered to your location on the US East Coast for $5 million/ea ( setup and placement costs vary by location ).

Total cost could reach $7.5 million/ea.

That’s about $1.5 million/Mw.

Six units ( 30 Mw ) @ $7.5 million/ea. is $45 million v. $290 million for Deepwater Wind ( Forbes observation ).

While wind farms romanticize their attempts to try and catch the wind’, #1 will Catch And Release The Motion Of The Ocean to deliver steady, efficient power to coastal consumers at a fraction of the cost.

And, best of all, Shoreline Earth #1 operates on the seafloor, out of sight, out of mind.

Deepwater Wind On The Water

Shoreline Earth #1 In Operation

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Demand Tidal Power...

It will solve the sustainable energy problem.
Click below for recent developments.
Unfathomable Potential.

Thursday, November 9, 2017

It's All About The Shoreline...

Earth's shoreline is changing.

Sea level rise looms on the horizon.

How will we pay for it?

Offshore tidal generators can produce cheap electricity for coastal remediation projects.

This will ease the economic burden of sea level rise, while expediting development of a sustainable energy source.

When the generators are no longer needed for infrastructure work, local communities will benefit from their continuing output.

Tidal Power does not require digging, drilling, fracking, or transporting of fuel.

All that's required is a cable to shore.

Look at this image of Earth at night.

The brightest spots are all along the coast.

These commercial hubs already display the greatest need for electricity.

The same global bright spots also face the greatest need of coastal remediation, which will increase power consumption to the limit.

Tidal Power will allow us to contend with sea level rise without straining the grid in these heavy use locations.

The tide will help us through an impending global crisis, while becoming a clean, highly efficient, low cost energy source for the future.

Imagine the benefits.

Sea level rise is a hint from Nature, our cue to Demand Tidal Power.

Saturday, October 28, 2017


Hi, I'm Steve Smyth.
1947, Baby Boomer, Pure Product of America.

In 2007 I began this project with these words…

There’s a Seachange a’comin’
Comin’ for us all
We’re bound to get swept up in it
All ridin’ on this ball
Since what you see
Is what you get
Learn to see it all…

That Seachange is upon us, and it all stems from the global battle for control of energy.

Cultural upheaval, along with climate change and sea level rise are fueling the Seachange.

All of which starts with oil.

Dependence on oil and other fossil fuels causes the upheaval, and is the driver behind climate change.

How can we break the cycle?

I’ve got an idea!

Tidal Power.


I’ve been mesmerized by the Motion Of The Ocean since I was a kid.

That fascination is going to help us restore our niche, just in the nick o’ time.

Tidal Power will save our offspring from a future of choking on the atmosphere and facing one natural disaster after another while fending off terrorism.

It’s all here for your perusal and comment.

Tidal Power is the solution.

Click the Gif

Monday, February 13, 2017

Intro...Tidal Power...

The Tide is the most powerful engine on Earth.

Driven by the Moon's gravity, the inexhaustible force of The Tide will provide clean energy forever.

It's time to harness The Motion Of The Ocean.

Tidal Power is a boundless gift of Nature.

This infinite natural resource is ours to utilize.

All the energy we could ever use is right in front of our eyes.

Tidal Power is the primal source, an untapped gift of nature with infinite potential.

The idea that we can simply harness the tide to produce cheap electricity seems so simple and obvious it can’t be real, it's just too good to be true.

If Tidal Power is this easy, why hasn't it been done?

No one has yet developed an efficient, consistently productive design.

Shoreline Earth Tidal Power Generator #1 will evolve into an inexpensive, highly efficient, easily installed, plug and play power source for coastal locations around the world.

More importantly, the success of generator #1 will stimulate further development in the field of Tidal Power.

I expect my early concepts to be obsolete within a few years, as fresh young minds expand the idea, and improve the design.

Looking forward twenty years, undersea generators will be ubiquitous.

We cannot over-utilize this natural resource.

Nothing is consumed, no pollution is produced, and there is no noise.

Unlike wind generators, #1 sits silently on the sea bottom, out of sight, out of mind.

Think about it.

The most powerful engine on this planet surrounds us, ready to fulfill our energy needs.

It’s time to benefit from this awesome force by harnessing The Motion Of The Ocean.

Shoreline Earth...2.1.2017...

smythspace at gmail dot com 

Monday, October 17, 2016

#1...Wildcatting The Tide...

Going back in time...

RE Tidal Power…

This plan was devised and developed in Lynn, Massachusetts, a city of about 100K on the coastline between Boston and Gloucester, about ten miles North of Boston.

I grew up in Lynn.

This struggling community needs a boost.

Lynn presents the perfect situation for my project, with necessary infrastructure directly on the ocean. 

It's the ideal place to develop and market this product.

Announcing Shoreline Earth Tidal Power Generator #1…

This “Plug And Play” unit will consistently deliver 5Mw for less than $1 million/Mw.

It has become obvious that none of the current Tidal projects will ever produce anything more than short term, one off jobs in the development sector.

No benefits to the energy consuming public will ever come to fruition.

The industry has become an incestuous exercise, in which a few companies pass designs, patents, and techniques back and forth, producing no beneficial results.

Tidal Power, as offered by Open Hydro, Atlantis, and a few others cannot possibly produce successfully in the competitive world of alternative energy.


It’s time to spill the beans on Tidal Power and give the public a look at what we are missing by ignoring this amazingly simple technology.

Take a look.

“Catch And Release The Motion Of The Ocean”

The Ocean is an infinite source of clean energy.

The Tide is the most powerful engine on Earth.

Nothing is consumed, no toxic pollutants are released into the atmosphere, and it never stops.

A perpetual engine, with unfathomable energy, is right before our eyes, waiting to go to work forever.

Why haven’t we learned to utilize this awesome force?

There are efforts underway to develop the potential of The Tide, but they are a small afterthought in the Global Energy picture.

None of them will succeed beyond the curiosity stage, because each is unique to a single location.

Every effort relies on the belief that accelerated flow through inlets, estuaries, or other coastal choke points is necessary.

The cost benefits of mass production will never come into play as long as this narrowly focused outlook holds sway.

Shoreline Earth Tidal Power Generator #1 will change that.

5 Mw, ‘Plug And Play’ unit #1 can be installed anywhere the tide comes in and goes out over a smooth, naturally sloping bottom.

If you look at an online satellite image of Lynn, Mass., USA, you’ll see a curved stretch of shoreline featuring this exact situation.

Picture a line from the tip of Nahant to the tip of Marblehead.

The water is 60-80 feet deep with a hard scrubbed, gradually sloping bottom.

The Tide moves over the bottom at fractional MPH, but it is relentless, predictable, and carries the full torque of the Atlantic Ocean with it every minute of every day.

Torque, not speed of flow, generates power.

Slow, steady speed will produce more power than rapidly moving water.

Much like Tidal Power itself, #1 is simple and predictably reliable.

So simple, in fact, I hope and expect that by the time #1 is in production, throngs of competitors will appear with designs taking Tidal Power to the next level.

Once Tidal Power is properly understood, shows profit potential, and becomes part of the Global Energy discussion, it will develop at blinding speed.

We need a new energy source that is readily viable, long lasting, and develops at the speed of Free Enterprise, rather than that of endless University Studies and Government Bureaucracy.

#1 provides that source.

Learn how #1 will “Catch And Release The Motion Of The Ocean”.

This is going to be like first guy at the oil field with a drill in the ground very soon.

In an unprecedented move, Shoreline Earth claims the aforementioned stretch of bottom between Nahant and Marblehead.

Unless some misguided Government Official tries to stop me, thereby denying The Public access to this infinitely sustainable energy source, #1 will soon be producing clean power with zero negative impact.

Wildcatting The Tide

Welcome To Frontier USA

Steve Smyth
as relentless as The Tide and just as reliable

smythspace@gmail.com   copy/paste


I was born with an innate inability to stay within known boundaries.

In fact, I never even recognize them until it’s too late.

Tidal Power is boundless.

A source of readily available, boundless energy surrounds us.

Even I will never reach the edge.

This is my realm.

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Schooner Fest Special...

August 31 2016…


Schooners, Schooners, and more Schooners.

So many, in fact, that old timers claimed one could cross Gloucester Harbor by stepping from vessel to vessel and never get wet.

But that was then.

This is now, a chance to enjoy the ones we still have.

An odd sequence of events finds me in Gloucester for the first time in several years.

It feels good!

Serendipity and blind luck are making it even better because it’s Schooner Festival time.

Let me tell you a couple of tales about events related to previous Schooner Festivals, both involving my old friend, the late, great Steve Waldron.

Steve and I did all manner of boat work, from high budget yachts to the scruffiest working vessels around.

We also spent many hours doing restoration and repairs to Steve’s Schooner, Strombus, a fascinating vessel.

You can google Schooner Strombus and learn some interesting facts about its current state of affairs, but read this first.

This happened sometime in the 1990s, hard to recall exactly.

As The Schooner Festival approached, it appeared that Steve and I, with a lot of assistance from others around the waterfront, had Strombus in shape to enter the Schooner Race, almost.

The top of the mainmast had a relief cut in it where a sheave ran over a pin through the mast.

The pin ran through the wooden mast, with the sheave oriented fore and aft.

The topping lift, which raises the gaff, ran over the sheave.

We knew it was old and little wobbly, if the line ran off the sheave we had no mainsail, because the line would jam between the metal sheave and wood, leaving the sail stuck wherever it was at the time.

Needless to say, we gambled that the rig would suffice for a few more hours.

We set out from Smith’s Cove and headed toward the starting line, outside the breakwater, under power

Those of you who knew Steve Waldron will chuckle, because as a mechanic, Steve’s ‘Iron Jenny’ was usually apart or being replaced by his latest, too good to be true, discovery.

As soon as we could find an open spot, just inside the Boulevard, we lashed the rudder and let Strombus circle slowly while we set sail, or attempted to do so.

The sheave jammed almost immediately.

So much for Strombus’ first entry into The Schooner Race, DRAT!

Then a miracle happened.

David Brown, operator of Bickford’s Marina on Rocky Neck, appeared in the marina’s launch, with a Bosun’s Chair.

To this day, I have no clue how the pieces of the puzzle led David to show up when he did, with the chair, but he did.

Up the mast, rig repaired for the time being, mainsail set, David motors off, and we approached the start under sail.

The first marker was a huge orange air bag.

Our approach had us heading SE, out to Sea, gathering some momentum and tightening the rig, but the marker had to be passed in a NE direction to get on the course.

Steve was the Captain that day, and I was the helmsman.

Strombus, at 50 feet, was steered by a tiller.

Picture turning a tractor trailer hard left, past 90 degrees, at slow speed, with no power steering, just a long stick tucked under your arm for leverage.

That should give an idea of what it was like to steer Strombus without a lot of headway.

Not quite up to miracle status, but I got the ‘bus headed the right way, and we passed the marker in first place just as the gun fired.

We were so close that I could touch the air bag as we passed, but didn’t because Capt. Waldron feared it might be a penalty.

At that magical moment, we were in it to win it.

I have never seen Steve so happy and exhilarated.

We looked around for the first time and realized that the real contenders had left early, headed toward Salem, and were roaring back with plenty of oomph and a decent breeze.

But we were still the lead boat if only we could catch some wind and get Strombus moving.

The ‘bus was terrible in tight conditions, but underway she could be tuned and tightened to make steady time.

Steve had located an old furling system for the Genoa.

We had never tried it.

Now was as good a time as any.

It worked like we knew what we were doing.

Strombus actually lurched forward and heeled over as the Genoa tightened.

I estimated that the favorites were moving at twice our speed, but their run to Salem had them at least twice as far from the finish as us.

Could it be, would everything stay in place for a real run to the finish?


We roared ahead as fast as Strombus could go for about 100 yards before the wind suddenly stopped completely.

I’m talking instant doldrums.

Capt. Waldron ordered wing to wing, main and mizzen set as far outside the rail as line would allow.

The Genoa was furled, as we tried everything possible to catch a whisper of breeze, rapidly pulling in the sails, first one side then the other, trying to row through the dead air with the sails as oars.


The Schooner Race ended for Strombus at that moment, but we had crossed the start in 1st place, even if only for that magical moment.

It made everything worthwhile to be there when Steve felt the hint of victory.

The disappointment was eased because the same thing happened to all the participants.

Race over, in our minds, WE WON!

Another time, our adventures during Schooner Fest involved The Schooner Adventure.

She had undergone extensive work to be ready for the Parade of Sail, ‘96, I believe.

Adventure was tied up behind the Coast Guard station at Harbor Loop.

The day was perfect, with throngs of visitors roaming the dock with their kids and dogs.

The Louis B. French entered the harbor under sail with the longest streamer trailing atop the mainmast that I have ever seen, beautiful.

While all this was going on, Steve and I were emptying a ‘black water’ tank deep within Adventure’s hull.

The US Coast Guard stepped in and took over at the last minute.

Before Adventure could leave the dock, or anyone could go aboard, this riveted, cast iron tank, which appeared to be as old as the vessel herself, had to be emptied and purified of numerous toxic gases.

Black water nightmares are as old as boats.

Human waste produces some really nasty stuff when allowed to simmer for decades in a contained space.

Stories of ruptured tanks suddenly choking and killing all aboard ships of yore were rampant that day.

I believe them.

This stuff, oily looking brown sludge, could potentially kill, and almost surely sicken a lot of people, ruining the event for all, if any gases escaped while we pumped out the tank.

Done properly, there would have been several guys in Hazmat suits with sophisticated, sealed pumping systems, and lots of superiors on hand to oversee the proceedings.

Days would have passed while paperwork flowed, with Adventure in a form of Quarantine.

Steve and I got ‘er done on the spot with a cheap electric pump, several lengths of garden hose, a special vise grip with felt cloth in the jaws to prevent permanently crushing the hose when we shut off the flow to check the pump, and a pickup truck parked on Harbor Loop with four blue plastic barrels standing in the truck’s bed.

It was several hundred feet from the tank to the truck.

The hose ran along the ground, through the crowd.

The Coast Guard guys stayed around to show us the issues, point out the dangers, and went off to start the paperwork.

As soon as they left, Steve and I pumped out the tank into the blue barrels and dumped some sort of anti-toxicity agent down the tank’s ancient vent pipe.

All went well, none of the visitors suffered any ill effects, and Adventure got away from the dock in time to participate.

From the exhilaration of a moral victory, to basically shoveling shit against the tide, like I said, we did it all.

Just a couple of everyday days around the Gloucester Waterfront.

Stay tuned...more to come…

Steve Smyth
Gloucester, August, 2016