Saturday, October 28, 2017


Hi, I'm Steve Smyth.
1947, Baby Boomer, Pure Product of America.

In 2007 I began this project with these words…

There’s a Seachange a’comin’
Comin’ for us all
We’re bound to get swept up in it
All ridin’ on this ball
Since what you see
Is what you get
Learn to see it all…

That Seachange is upon us, and it all stems from the global battle for control of energy.

Cultural upheaval, along with climate change and sea level rise are fueling the Seachange.

All of which starts with oil.

Dependence on oil and other fossil fuels causes the upheaval, and is the driver behind climate change.

How can we break the cycle?

I’ve got an idea!

Tidal Power.


I’ve been mesmerized by the Motion Of The Ocean since I was a kid.

That fascination is going to help us restore our niche, just in the nick o’ time.

Tidal Power will save our offspring from a future of choking on the atmosphere and facing one natural disaster after another while fending off terrorism.

It’s all here for your perusal and comment.

Tidal Power is the solution.

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