Friday, November 14, 2014

Our New Ocean...

Sea Level Rise will prove to be a local issue.

Local for me is New England in general and The North Shore of Boston in particular.

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For a wider scope US East Coast Sea Level Rise...

Sea Level Rise is Humanity's Common Denominator.

We all need access to The Ocean.

Maritime Commerce makes the big wheel turn.

It's the lifeline of The Global Economy.

International Trade starts and ends at The Shoreline.

If Sea Level Rise reaches the projected two foot level, container ports all over The Planet will be negatively affected.

This one potential effect makes Sea Level Rise the Common Denominator that should pull us all together.

If ports and coastal infrastructure are inundated, ships will not be able to transport goods.

We won't have time to battle over our political and religious differences.

We'll be too busy fighting over every last crumb.

The basics of modern life arrive via fleets of container ships.

Without the constant flow, we'll be in a minute by minute war for survival.

Unless we come up with a unified Global outlook on Sea Level Rise, we are up the proverbial creek without a paddle, and a twenty foot wall of water is rushing relentlessly toward us.

There can be no unified outlook as long as we don't know what to expect.

It is of critical importance to all Humanity that we devote our attention to the Sea Level Rise situation.

Science must learn to make the latest information available in the vernacular.

Perhaps then we can come up with a common understanding of a problem that is sure to affect us all.

This is real now, and there are no answers!

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Monday, November 10, 2014


Steve Smyth here...Shoreline Earth…Lynn, Mass, USA...
Shoreline Earth provides a view toward the future.
Let this be your info source…bringing you the real skinny on Sea Level…on the level.
First and foremost…at this point in time…
We are the most dangerous aspect of Sea Level Rise.
Those of you who rely on Earth’s Shoreline for your livelihood should make this your ‘go to’ place for Sea Level Rise info and updates.
This list includes everyone from swimsuit models to marina operators to commercial fishermen to operators of huge container ships…and then some.
I know as much about impending Sea Level Rise issues as anyone alive.
My care and concern for Earth’s Shoreline is ingrained.
I’m a boat carpenter.
From boatyards, to barrooms, to beaches, my life has revolved around the water’s edge for as long as I can recall.
You may be a coastal entrepreneur, an avid boater, or someone who just loves the beach.
In fact…let’s face it…everyone on Earth has stake in this.
Everyone loves the coast.
Earth’s Shoreline is our turf.
Now, all of a sudden, our endeavors along the shoreline, be they for work or pleasure, are threatened because politically expedient windbags are over-reacting to the threat of Sea Level Rise.
Every town, city, county, and state along the US East Coast has announced plans for coastal barriers and seawalls to be constructed in advance of the rising tide.
They’re messing with our turf.

Ironically, the proper term for all this is “Coastal Protection”.
It’s catching on everywhere and spreading faster than an unchecked viral pandemic.

If all the coastal barriers projected for US East Coast are built, The Ocean will soon create a fast moving channel along the Seaward side, running from South of The Chesapeake to Cape Cod.

This channel will funnel and accelerate Northward moving storm surges, bringing warmer water North, sustaining Hurricanes further North than ever before.

This is a known fact when planning for any sort of coastal diversion.

Yet the plans continue.

I predict that if all the barriers are built, the area from New Bedford to The Cape Cod Canal will be become an open channel, flowing from Buzzard's bay to Cape Cod Bay within a few Hurricane seasons.

That's just one example.
Now is the time to stop this assault on Earth’s Shoreline before it gets totally out of control.
We can’t turn Planet Earth into The Netherlands.
Coastal Protection is the polite term for “Shoveling Shit Against The Tide”.