Thursday, January 29, 2015

Sea Level Certainty...

Sea Level Rise has implications light years beyond our immediate grasp.

No matter how much scientific evidence is presented, this will continue to be 'learn as it happens'.

Sea Level Rise is a real time, Earth changing event.

These changes have been happening since before time.

This time, we are here to experience the changes as they happen.

Right now, we have zero sense of how to proceed because we have no idea what may happen.

Confused Humans react badly when faced with doubt and fear.

In simpler terms, uncertainty makes lots of people do cuckoo things.

That's not a pretty picture.

There is one certainty.

Tidal Power is on the rise.

In an age of consumption, Tidal Power consumes nothing.

While other sources of energy are constantly being depleted, we know from scientific evidence that the power of Earth's Tides is increasing.

Tidal Power, via undersea turbine, represents a perpetual source of energy on the upswing.

After initial investments and maintenance costs are met, it's FREE 24/7/365, infinitely sustainable, and getting stronger by the minute.

Introductory marketing will be FREE.

Media outlets will trip all over themselves to cover this story.

Sound too good to be true?

Pie in the sky?

You tell me.

We are going to have to pay for Sea Level Rise.

Why not get a jump on things by tackling The Energy Crisis?

The money will help contend with the destructive aspect of Sea Level Rise.

Here's how we start things rolling...

Monday, January 26, 2015

Planning Ahead...

You should learn as much as possible about it.

How can I get anyone interested in something that might happen 50 or 100 years from now?

Today's lifestyle doesn't leave time for what's going to happen five minutes from now.

Slack off for one second and someone will get ahead.

There's just no time for long range speculation, even when you know it's good for you.

How about if I tell you that you are already paying for it, and the price is going up by the day.

In fact, your children, and your children's children will still be paying for it, with ever increasing prices.

What is it?

it is the threat of Sea Level Rise.

Forget the cute apps showing a flooded world.

We don't need Biblical inundation to mess up the works.

If The Ocean rises two feet, The Shoreline will be overwhelmed.

That may happen by the end of this century, depending on so many factors that it is impossible to project a definitive measurement.

But, science indicates that two feet by 2100 is a realistic expectation.

Two feet of water on top of current high tide will flood commercial ports everywhere on Earth.

Docks will be under water.

Ships will not be able to load or unload.

Cranes, trucks, and people don't function under water.

These are some of the reasons we must pay attention to Sea Level Rise.

Governments and Industry are planning for the worst case scenario.

We are going to pay for the decisions made by Governments and Industry...right or wrong.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Before You Begin...

So far, Sea Level Rise has been a confusing jumble of conflicting information.

It's part of Climate Change.

What else would you expect?

Half the people on Earth are instant deniers, "There's no such thing."

Half of the other half have serious doubts.

Most of the rest are journalists parroting the half-baked opinions of the deniers and doubters.

That may be a slight exaggeration, but you get the point.

This situation is a mess before it even happens, exacerbated by shabby journalism and preconceived notions based upon earlier shabby journalism.

That said.

Below you will find a realistic look at Sea Level Rise with proposed solutions.

The deniers, doubters, and journalists have muddied the waters, so to speak.

But, this is The Ocean we're looking at.

The changing tide will clear things up if we step back and look at what's happening all around us.

Let's gain some clarity before decisions are made based on today's murky, fogbound outlook.

I am not a paid journalist.

This is personal.

At age 67, after a lifetime of working along the coast as a wooden boat carpenter, I do not want to spend the rest of my time on Earth watching Earth's Shoreline become totally Anthropomorphicized in a futile attempt to hold back The Ocean.

What are we going to do?

Turn the entire Planet into The Netherlands?

Confused, misinformed people are about to initiate one long lasting string of mistakes after another in response to the bogus reportage.

Earth's Shoreline is my home.

Kindly join me on this quest by checking out this page and links.

As you read, you will be transported back in time to 2007, when The Climate Crisis really got rolling, setting the wheels in motion for Sea Level Rise and the ensuing confusion.

Here are the first words I ever wrote on the subject...Jan '07...

"There's a Seachange a comin'

comin' for us all

we're bound to get swept up in it

all ridin' on this ball

since what you see

is what you get

learn to see it all"

That's my CV and purpose in a nutshell...all Shoreline...all the time...I love it...!

You'd be wise to absorb this material and pass the knowledge forward.

Believe me, you, and everyone else will be glad you did!

Enjoy...learn...speak up...!

This is a great read, complete with beautiful shoreline imagery like this.

You'll come away with a brighter outlook and you may even smile a time or two along the way.

Free smiles are always a bonus.

Spread it through your network.

Let me know your thoughts.    copy/paste

This is about more than Sea Level Rise.

It's about life in the near future.

How are we going to maintain The 21st Century Nexus?

Climate Change   Maritime Commerce 
Satellite Telecommunications   Global Economy

Climate Change will effect Maritime Commerce as Sea Level rises.

Satellite Telecommunications makes Maritime Commerce work.

Maritime Commerce makes The Global Economy work.

These four elements are essential to our survival.

That’s The 21st Century Nexus.

Sea Level Rise is the root.

The Future stems from there.


Friday, January 16, 2015

Sea Level Rise...Unprecedented In Human History...

The Geologic Record shows Sea Levels have been much higher and much lower than they are today.

But not since we've been around to notice.

The idea of preparing for rising Seas has never even been on our radar.

Suddenly, here we sit, facing a catastrophic Global potentiality, with no "Lessons of History" to guide us.

That is unprecedented.

What we do today, the decisions we make, and the actions we take are The History of Sea Level Rise in the making.

It is happening all around us right now...literally, all around us.

A decade, or so, ago, Earth Scientists began publishing their findings on Sea Level Rise.

Satellite data was pouring in and being analyzed for the first time ever, giving the scientists tons of new info to present in their 'publish or perish' world.

Their work was peer reviewed.

One or two pieces were selected for journals like Scientific American or Science.

Nobody but the scientists really cared.

Five years ago, the mainstream media started taking notice.

Hundreds, perhaps thousands of journalists had their first ever thought on the topic of Sea Level Rise one moment and were writing outlook defining stories the next.

Early stories featured the typical doom and gloom, worst case scenario tone.

Writers focused on the biggest numbers and the most terrifying outcomes, ignoring the balanced science.

Editors know what sells.

Follow up stories simply parroted the earlier attitude.

Bombast on top of bombast led to our current level of awareness.

Soon, according to the mainstream media, we face inundation on a Biblical scale, with six feet of water running through the streets of every coastal city on Earth.

There's even an App that shows 'Your Town' under six feet of Ocean.

Not gonna happen, but it's now part of The History of Sea Level Rise.

Our collective consciousness has been tainted with gibberish before the real story ever sees the light of day, making it harder than necessary to move forward.

The next phase will be decided by us.

Well informed, uninformed, under informed, or intentionally misinformed, it's all on us to write The History of Sea Level Rise.

Sea Level Rise will prove the ultimate test of our Self-Anointed Superior Intellect.

Below are some helpful tips and keys to a brighter outlook on the subject.

Let's write this story up, not down.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015


Recent developments RE Sea Level Rise.

Here's the latest...

"We're seeing a significant acceleration in the past few

decades," said study lead author Carling Hay, a geophysical 

researcher at Harvard University. "It's concerning for cities 

along the U.S. East Coast where water levels are rising 

even faster than the world average."

New data defines the problem and clarifies the issue on a daily basis.

The latest info continues to show bad news for US East Coast.

Shoreline Earth focuses on this issue.

US East Coast Sea Level Rise...The Real Skinny...

Click the link for the nightmare scenario in a nutshell.

Stay ahead of the curve on Sea Level Rise.

Click back...return to Shoreline Earth.

You'll learn ways to avoid that nightmare scenario.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

The Shoreline gains a voice...

Sea Level Rise threatens Earth's Shoreline.

Two feet, and the coast is toast.

What does this mean for our future on Planet Earth?

We need to know more about Sea Level Rise right now.

Let's give The Shoreline a voice.

I'd love to hear what the world's foremost expert has to say.



Shoreline Earth here.

Kindly take a moment of your time to absorb this thought.

There's plenty of news about Sea Level Rise and what it means to Humans.

What about me?

I'm stuck here in the middle of all this, getting worked over at every turn, with no voice in the matter.

It's time for Yours Truly to speak up and have a say in the Sea Level Rise discussion.

Pay attention or the glorious beauty you love so much is history.

The rising Ocean churns on one side, while confused Humans dither on the other.

Earth's Ocean has altered my appearance countless times over the Eons.

Drastic changes happen repetitively, cumulatively, and spontaneously.

What you see atop this page is the natural result. 

Everybody loves it.

Nature has given you this ever changing gift.

On the other hand, Human activities have been messing up my beauty while trying to push back The Ocean for centuries.

With the advent of Sea Level Rise, efforts to alter tidal flow will run amok.

Concerned property owners will do anything imaginable to protect coastal development.

Images like the dredge above will be commonplace along every coast.

This will disrupt and change coastal environments all over The Planet to no avail.

It's time for me to speak up.

Earth's Ocean is unstoppable.

Believe me!

Remember, I have a lot more experience standing up to the relentless power of  The Ocean than you ever will.

Humans will never stem the rising tide.

This is The Ocean we're talking about.

It does what it wants, when it wants, and goes wherever it chooses, whenever it chooses.


I accept the changes and go with the flow.

Think it through.

You should too.

If you don't, this is going to get ugly.

Your children and their children will be paying for this futile battle against The Ocean.

And, there won't be any beautiful beaches left to sooth their stress.

Heads up, Humans!

Shoreline Earth...Dec 26...2014...


Saturday, January 3, 2015

Sea Level Rise is Humanity's Common Denominator...

Here's something we all have in common.

We all need access to The Ocean.

Maritime Commerce makes the big wheel turn.

It's the lifeline of The Global Economy.

International Trade starts and ends at The Shoreline.

If Sea Level Rise reaches the projected two foot level, container ports all over The Planet will be negatively affected.

This makes Sea Level Rise the Common Denominator that should pull us all together.

The basics of 21st Century life arrive via fleets of container ships.

If ports and coastal infrastructure are inundated, ships will not be able to transport goods.

Without the constant flow, we'll be in a minute by minute war for survival.

We won't have time to battle over our political and religious differences.

We'll be too busy fighting tooth and nail over every last crumb.


Unless we come up with a unified Global outlook on Sea Level Rise, we are up the proverbial creek without a paddle.

And there's a raging wall of water rushing relentlessly toward us.

There can be no unified outlook as long as we don't know what to expect.

It is of critical importance to all Humanity that we devote our full attention to the Sea Level Rise situation...NOW!

Science must learn to make pertinent information available in the vernacular.

The web will devour, digest, and disseminate this info in the language of the people. 

Then we can arrive at common awareness of this soon to be common problem.

Sea Level Rise is real now!

It affects everybody, and there are no answers.

Click below for a suggestion.