Friday, March 23, 2018

Heads Up From Nature
Demand Tidal Power
The Natural Remedy For Sea Level Rise

Tidal Power is the natural remedy for Sea Level Rise.

The coastline we all love is changing.

Sea Level Rise looms over every horizon.

Right now, we are helpless to respond.

Nothing happens, while the climate change debate rages on, and everyone looks to point fingers and place blame.

For the record, if we stop using fossil fuels today, the seas will still rise.

With no fuel, the supply chain will quickly screech to a halt, and most of us will starve within weeks.

So, that's not gonna happen, but what is?

While we dither, the warming ocean continues to expand with zero concern for us or our fretful ways.

Nature does not dither or fret.

Sea Level Rise is real and present, for all the marbles, like it or not.


There’s a lot to do before Tidal Power can start providing port cities with the electricity needed for coastal remediation.

If we start now, we can still reap the benefits in time.

Here’s my suggestion for how to proceed.

Demand Tidal Power!

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Generating Awareness...

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