Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Our Future On Planet Earth Is All About The Shoreline...

Sea Level Rise is going to change our world.

Face it.

We're surrounded by Earth's rising Ocean and drenched in an endless flow of confusing, conflicting information about Sea Level Rise and its potential effects.

To get caught up, absorb this material and follow the links.

To stay ahead of the game, look here for regular updates, new suggestions, and other relevant info/data.

Tracking Sea Level Rise and monitoring its effects is going to be a long, often confusing process.

It is going to cost you, me, and everyone else dearly...even if it never happens.

That's right.

We're already paying for the prospect of future damage, and the projected cost is rising much faster than Earth's Ocean.

You want to know this stuff.

Believe me...!

I hope to maintain this page throughout by selling my artwork and offering my services.

Here's how...

Presented with High Hopes and even Higher Expectations.

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Featuring framed prints, unique furnishings, and the absolute finest quality interior painting.

The air will freshen.

You'll hear seagulls in the distance while sitting at your favorite table, enjoying the view out your Window On The Water, or Peaceful Porthole.

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Everything...from $5 loose prints, through framed images at $20/$150, to uniquely beautiful tables ranging $150/$250 and up...will gain in value as this project moves forward.

Interior Painting rates are negotiable. Each project has unique features. 

You will get more than your money's worth across the board.

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Support Shoreline Earth now and you will benefit in the future.