Sunday, September 6, 2015


Change is coming.

Sea Level Rise, and ensuing events will present a challenge to every person on Earth.

You can be as far from any Seacoast as it is possible to get, and Sea Level Rise is already affecting your life.

Even the remotest off-grid community is likely to own a generator made overseas and shipped to the closest port.

The generator uses fuel that arrived via oceangoing tanker.

The flow of goods from port to port around The Globe is what makes today's economy tick.

The ports where these products begin and end their Oceangoing voyage are threatened by Sea Level Rise.

NASA has more data on Sea Level Rise than anyone else

They believe, and are preparing to buttress or move Cape Canaveral launch pads in anticipation.

NASA is responding to the threat.

The threat alone is costing billions.

The public is already paying for this.

The actuality is unfathomable.

Like it or not, whatever the total comes to, the public will eventually absorb that as well.

Otherwise, Humans will revert to pre-industrial age clans in a matter of decades.

This is likely sooner rather than later, I might add.

Heads up!

This material will help you stay a step ahead of the rising tide.

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