Saturday, October 11, 2014

Business As Usual...

As you read this page, you'll learn a lot about Sea Level Rise.

It's important that you familiarize yourself with this information.

You and I are going to pay for hasty decisions being made today that will effect the rest of our lives, our children's lives, and the lives of those yet to arrive.

The news stories currently appearing about Sea Level Rise and Coastal Protection are a perfect example of business as usual and the same ol', same ol' being applied to an issue that is totally unprecedented.

We need unprecedented solutions, not business as usual.

Here's how it goes.

Since 2007, we have all been deluged with conflicting news reports about Climate Change.

Sea Level Rise is a function of Climate Change and attendant Global Warming.

This deluge of agenda driven news and confusion stems from The Climate Crisis.

Which leads us to Sea Level Rise.

Sea Level Rise presents an instant economic threat because coastal flooding will endanger Maritime Commerce.

For starters, think 'container ships'.

You'd be hard pressed to find anything within your reach that hasn't been transported on one.

Some component of virtually everything is transported over The Ocean via container ship.

Look around you.

It all came from somewhere else.

Maritime Commerce is what makes today's Global Economy possible.

We can't sit back and let port cities become inundated and wash into The Sea.

Of course we can't let that happen.

We'd all die because the Global Economy would go belly up in no time without Maritime Commerce.

All of a sudden every mover and shaker alive has suggestions and comments on the topic of rising tide.

Unfortunately, in their haste to show the public that "We have this under control.", the movers and shakers are basing their bombastic nonsense on someone else's bombastic nonsense.

There is zero scientific evidence that we face anything like six feet of water swamping our coastal cities, as is often reported.

We may see 18" to 24" of measurable rise by the end of this century.

Stress 'may see', and only in specific locales where warming, wind, and currents drive higher tides ashore

The Ocean isn't going to suddenly overflow from melting glaciers no matter what the Global Warming theories project.

The most reasonable look at Greenland, for example, shows that if currently accepted melt rates were to continue, it would be 800 years before the ice is gone.

And, it was recently discovered that the central part of Greenland is an enormous depression that will hold half of the melted water, becoming Earth's largest body of fresh water.

The ice cap is not all going to run off and flood The Ocean.

And it is going to take 800 years if current rates of warming continue.

In simpler terms, the Greenland melt scenario is absurd.

As are all of the Polar melt images we've been flooded with recently.

News directors know from experience that the public eats up doom and gloom.

So that's what we get.

If you really want to worry, try Asteroids, Sea Level is nowhere near as imminent or as potentially deadly as an Asteroid strike.

That could happen next week.

The worst case Sea Level Rise scenario pales by comparison.

So, "what is the big deal" with Sea Level you may ask.

Again, it's all about business as usual.

Everyone involved with coastal endeavor, from humble fishermen in uncharted waters, to extremely wealthy property owners on the US East Coast, faces a new threat to their world.

The wealthy want seawalls instantly, with no consideration for where the water they divert will end up.

We're talking about The Ocean.

It has to go somewhere.

The humble, off the grid fishermen have no clue about any of this, but they are noticing that their island is getting smaller by the day.

The fishermen will adapt, move, or die.

The wealthy coastal dwellers will engineer temporary solutions to protect what is theirs.

With little or no consideration for the consequences to anyone else.

"How dare The Ocean mess with my success."

Business as usual once again.


Thursday, October 9, 2014

Take A Look...You'll Feel Better...

Sea Level Rise, and our response to it, is a rapidly changing phenomenon that will alter our very existence.

Even if Sea Level Rise never happens.

No kidding!

Let yourself absorb this news.

Check out the rest of the page.

Don't miss the linked images and green text.

Read as much as holds your interest.

You can always come back.

Take a few minutes to consider your thoughts.

You'll see things differently.

Stay tuned to Shoreline Earth.

Come back often.

There's much more still to come.

In the previous month alone, the science has done a flip-flop.

Local politicians have promised to build seawalls around every coastal community on Earth.

Media outlets are going bananas trying to report on something nobody really understands.

The media madness alone makes it a major event.

Spurious, agenda driven info/data absorbed via the web will lead us down a slippery slope.

At best.

Confusion reigns!

Take a look!


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