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SHORELINES...on Earth and beyond...

Earth has two shorelines.

The Ocean meets the beach at the shoreline we all recognize.

The horizon is the shoreline of Near Space.

It’s time to recognize this second shoreline as part of our environment.

Our future well being depends greatly on Near Space and Earth’s Ocean.

The 21st Century Nexus touches both shorelines and The Ocean between


This is the view I love...serene...natural...just plain beautiful.

Here's a dose of reality.

Here's another view I love.

The dose of reality.

Near Space is The Shoreline of Outer Space.

We've been exploring and developing Near Space for a little over fifty years and the place is already a dump.

It took us thousands of years to mess up our Shorelines on Earth.

Humans roamed and procreated for generations before settling along waterways and coastlines, where we immediately started dumping anything and everything into the water...out of sight, out of mind.

Early entrepreneurs saw streams, rivers and outgoing tidal flow as natural sewers.

We know where that leads.

In Near Space, our satellite technology and its attendant debris have become a problem in half a Century.

Once again, the early entrepreneurs showed little or no concern for the environment in their quest for profit.

Tax dollars will pay to clean up the mess in Near Space.

The price is escalating by the moment.

If Space Junk goes critical while we debate the issue it will be too late.

Right now, only those with a stake in the outcome are paying close attention to Space Junk.

Launch industry periodicals, special interest websites, all major defense agencies, defense contractors, and launch insurers are all heavily involved in the early remediation discussions.

These entities have a presence in Near Space.

They created the problem, and are now jockeying for position in the clean-up sweepstakes.

The cleanup will be very expensive for the taxpaying public and very profitable for those who pay attention and position themselves well early in the game.

Do we really want to rely on those who made the mess to perform the cleanup for profit?

The perpetrators should step up and do it FREE.

Their beach needs tending.


It would be like expecting DuPont to voluntarily clean up all the plastic garbage lining our Shorelines on Earth.

That's not going to happen any time soon.

Let's cut to the chase.

Near Space is polluted and we did it!

Read that again and think about it for a minute.

We polluted The Shoreline of Space in only fifty years!


We've all heard the bad news about our Shorelines on Earth.

Rising sea levels, severe coastal storms, and mounting pollution pose an ever increasing threat to our endeavors.

Planet Earth is going through climate changes...maybe affected by us...maybe not.

No one can say for certain if the rise in sea level and rapidly increasing storm activity is our doing.

Debate over the cause of Global Climate Change rages.

The pollution is all our responsibility.

There's no question about that fact.

Now comes a new threat.

Near Space...The Shoreline of Outer cluttered with Space Junk.

The public has some awareness of the problems created by defunct satellites and orbiting launch debris.

But, the story is not well reported and we certainly have not arrived at any general understanding on the subject.


Right now...TODAY...

Here's what you can do.

We have the opportunity to deal with Space Junk before it goes critical.

This is an evolving situation.

Let's take preventative action and avoid the dreaded and ridiculously expensive REACT/RESPOND stage.

The impending Space Junk Crisis can be averted before it creates havoc with The Global Economy.

Every international transaction relies on Satellite Telecommunications.

Space Junk threatens the Global Satellite Network and thus the entire Global Economy.

The World's Powers reacting and responding to Global Economic chaos is not a pretty picture...believe me!

The following links will take you through the process, and bring you up to date.

You'll learn about Space Junk and why you should care.

The connection between our Shorelines on Earth and The Shoreline of Outer Space will become clear.


Here's my G2...text links below will fill you in.

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