Thursday, November 9, 2017

It's All About The Shoreline...

Earth's shoreline is changing.

Sea level rise looms on the horizon.

How will we pay for it?

Offshore tidal generators can produce cheap electricity for coastal remediation projects.

This will ease the economic burden of sea level rise, while expediting development of a sustainable energy source.

When the generators are no longer needed for infrastructure work, local communities will benefit from their continuing output.

Tidal Power does not require digging, drilling, fracking, or transporting of fuel.

All that's required is a cable to shore.

Look at this image of Earth at night.

The brightest spots are all along the coast.

These commercial hubs already display the greatest need for electricity.

The same global bright spots also face the greatest need of coastal remediation, which will increase power consumption to the limit.

Tidal Power will allow us to contend with sea level rise without straining the grid in these heavy use locations.

The tide will help us through an impending global crisis, while becoming a clean, highly efficient, low cost energy source for the future.

Imagine the benefits.

Sea level rise is a hint from Nature, our cue to Demand Tidal Power.

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