Monday, December 4, 2017

Catch And Release The Motion Of The Ocean...


Nothing Consumed

Out Of Sight      Out Of Mind

Tidal Power will help solve global issues related to sea level rise.

Enormous construction projects, designed to protect port cities from inundation, will soon be underway all over the planet.

Coastal Remediation will put a serious strain on the power grid of every one of these cities.

Shoreline Earth  can solve this impending problem before it gets out of hand.

With sea level rise looming on the horizon, we should immediately start treating Tidal Power with the same enthusiasm and determination we once showed for going to the Moon.

After all, Tidal Power comes to us courtesy of the Moon.

The challenge is, put Tidal Power on the fast track.

Let’s get started, the clock is ticking, and the tide is rising.

Let the competition begin.

Shoreline Earth Tidal Power Generator #1 is my offering.

The blades rotate as they catch and release tidal motion, transferring energy through the shaft, driving the generator with the full force of the ocean.

The tide continues to flow undisturbed.

All we do is borrow the energy.

RE the competition…

As of this writing, all the hype and funding is going towards wind farms on the Ocean, while Tidal Power gets overlooked.

Wind on the water has a serious leg up on Tidal Power, primarily because nobody knows anything about the benefits of Tidal Power, while the so-called ‘smart money’ is sold on wind.

Shoreline Earth’s 5Mw, plug and play unit will outperform Deepwater Wind or any other wind on the water project.

Deepwater cost $290  million ( with many estimates much higher ) to install five units capable of generating 6Mw/ea, creating a total potential output of 30Mw.

That’s about $10 million/Mw.

Model #1 will be delivered to your location on the US East Coast for $5 million/ea ( setup and placement costs vary by location ).

Total cost could reach $7.5 million/ea.

That’s about $1.5 million/Mw.

Six units ( 30 Mw ) @ $7.5 million/ea. is $45 million v. $290 million for Deepwater Wind ( Forbes observation ).

While wind farms romanticize their attempts to try and catch the wind’, #1 will Catch And Release The Motion Of The Ocean to deliver steady, efficient power to coastal consumers at a fraction of the cost.

And, best of all, Shoreline Earth #1 operates on the seafloor, out of sight, out of mind.

Deepwater Wind On The Water

Shoreline Earth #1 In Operation

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