Friday, January 16, 2015

Sea Level Rise...Unprecedented In Human History...

The Geologic Record shows Sea Levels have been much higher and much lower than they are today.

But not since we've been around to notice.

The idea of preparing for rising Seas has never even been on our radar.

Suddenly, here we sit, facing a catastrophic Global potentiality, with no "Lessons of History" to guide us.

That is unprecedented.

What we do today, the decisions we make, and the actions we take are The History of Sea Level Rise in the making.

It is happening all around us right now...literally, all around us.

A decade, or so, ago, Earth Scientists began publishing their findings on Sea Level Rise.

Satellite data was pouring in and being analyzed for the first time ever, giving the scientists tons of new info to present in their 'publish or perish' world.

Their work was peer reviewed.

One or two pieces were selected for journals like Scientific American or Science.

Nobody but the scientists really cared.

Five years ago, the mainstream media started taking notice.

Hundreds, perhaps thousands of journalists had their first ever thought on the topic of Sea Level Rise one moment and were writing outlook defining stories the next.

Early stories featured the typical doom and gloom, worst case scenario tone.

Writers focused on the biggest numbers and the most terrifying outcomes, ignoring the balanced science.

Editors know what sells.

Follow up stories simply parroted the earlier attitude.

Bombast on top of bombast led to our current level of awareness.

Soon, according to the mainstream media, we face inundation on a Biblical scale, with six feet of water running through the streets of every coastal city on Earth.

There's even an App that shows 'Your Town' under six feet of Ocean.

Not gonna happen, but it's now part of The History of Sea Level Rise.

Our collective consciousness has been tainted with gibberish before the real story ever sees the light of day, making it harder than necessary to move forward.

The next phase will be decided by us.

Well informed, uninformed, under informed, or intentionally misinformed, it's all on us to write The History of Sea Level Rise.

Sea Level Rise will prove the ultimate test of our Self-Anointed Superior Intellect.

Below are some helpful tips and keys to a brighter outlook on the subject.

Let's write this story up, not down.

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