This all takes place in Lynn Mass USA.

It started in 1992, at The Tapley Building.

Does anyone from Lynn remember when the top windows of the ill fated Tapley, facing The Lynnway, had this painted in them...?

Lynn, Lynn, City of ...

Ya can't do nuthin' if ya neva begin

I did that as a Welcoming Beacon to all because The Tapley Building was intended to become the hub of the Art and Internet Revival of 1992.

That sign was Genuine Lynn Ahht Opus #1.

The Art and Internet magic never happened, my inspirational message was later replaced with a sign saying PEST CONTROL, and The Tapley eventually burned to the ground, 

If that ain't the recent story of Lynn in a nutshell, tell me what is.

24 years later, I'm still at it, and it's time to 

"Revive the Revival"

Art and Internet will restore Lynn's economy

Get the big picture before you proceed.

a chronicle of developments 

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Gloucester Stuff

Much of the ground work on this project began in Gloucester, twenty years before the 1992 Lynn project started.

This entire effort is one of those Local/Global things.

The topic affects the North Shore as a region, not as several independent municipalities.

In fact, it affects the entire Globe as one entity.

Face it, no matter where you are on Earth, you are surrounded by rising Seas.

Here along the coast of the ol' Noth Shoa, we're sitting on a Sea Level Rise hot spot, facing unique problems and solutions.

From Lynn to Cape Ann, this coastline faces big changes.

We must prepare for them in a regional effort.

Welcome to the Noth Shoa of Boston, home of innovation in the face of Sea Level Rise.

Click here for a dose of Gloucester Stuff, then return to Shoreline Earth to learn even more.


Global Change Positives...

I’ve managed to come up with some positive aspects of change, amidst all the negative nonsense being peddled by every form of media.

Try this ‘For A Change’.

For starters, disaster is not tomorrow, or even next week.

We have advance knowledge.

That’s a Positive.

It is, however, reasonable for us to believe that change, caused by planetary warming, looms ahead for better or worse.

Is it our fault?

Of course it is.

We have fouled our own nest.

Dumb us! ( wrist slapping sound )

That said, we still have to move forward, it’s what we do.

The overall thrust of Humanity is still all about procreation and proliferation.

We’re good at it.

Since we started altering our environment with waste products from the fuel that keeps civilization humming, a period of time becoming known as The Anthropocene, our population has doubled.

That’s a roaring success.

Not a lot of forethought went into it.

Here we are.

If you can overlook your own situation, and see things this way, from the big picture viewpoint, we are friggin’ awesome at what we do.

We’re as good at being us as LeBron is at hoops, naturals, with extensive training and desire.

Our self-anointed ‘Superior Intellect’ gets us in a lot of trouble when applied without consideration for consequences, but we always get out of the trouble and turn whatever caused it into a positive.

Dealing with catastrophes and crises makes it better for the next generation.

Someone always sees a way to handle it, survive, and use what’s been learned to improve the future.

Another Positive, we are amazing, some of us always get through!

Sure there are casualties along the way, we're part of the Natural Course Of Events, players in The Carbon Cycle.

Survival in this game is blind luck.

Again, overlooking the effect on your own existence and experiencing what’s all around as happening to all of us, the future looks different, not so much impending doom, brighter in fact.

Get outside yourself
Add something Positive

Powered By The Moon...

Humans have always loved both the Moon and the Ocean.

With the advent of Tidal Power, we're gonna love 'em even more.

FREE, Lunar driven, perpetual energy covers most of this Planet, constantly lapping at the shoreline, waiting for us to figger out how to use it, before it inundates us and our way of life.

Sea Level Rise is The Ocean forcing us to pay attention to our coastal endeavors, and dropping a hint, saying, "Your over utilized natural resources are dwindling, while I get stronger by the day. Heads up, Folks!"

I love Earth’s Shoreline.

From the pristine majesty of Big Sur, to an oil soaked backwater, filled with rotting pilings and greasy derelicts, all the way down to the edges of a puddle, fascinating things are always happening wherever water meets land.

Among the most fascinating things happening at the shoreline is us.

Don’tcha think?

Let's start along The Waterfront in Lynn Mass USA, my hometown on The Ocean.

Welcome to Lynn Harbor, stay tuned, this is where the action starts.


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Take your time.

Enjoy reading for as long or as little as you like.

Let it sink in for a while.

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They all return here.

Shoreline Earth is the core.

To get it all, continue to click older posts at the bottom of each page to see the background material.

It makes no difference what your attitude, opinion, or outlook may be.

Shoreline Earth will brighten it!


contact smythspace@gmail.com copy/paste



Let's start right off with an explanation of how this works.

Life in Lynn can continue happening to you, or you can get involved here and make it start happening for you.

Our Goal...

Cut straight to the chase...start here...

I have worked to develop the plan presented on this page for over twenty years.

Injuries and accidents, caused by my own foolishness, left me disabled and needing to come up with a plan, circa 1992, during Lynn's "DOWNTOWN ART AND INTERNET REVIVAL".

The first attempt was teaching myself to become a Computer Graphicist.

Hopefully, you will too.

Just as the graphics got underway, the "REVIVAL" fell victim to Lynn's hard times.

I reviewed my options and decided to improve the situation in my sadly depressed home town.

It’s a tough job, but somebody has to do it.

This is the toughest audience on Earth, after hearing decades of Pie In The Sky promises that never seem to materialize.

The bullshit meter of Lynners is finely tuned.

As I said, a tough audience.

However, I believe this audience will recognize the real deal as quickly as they recognize the BS if it presents itself.

As for Yours Truly, I am on this full tilt boogie all the way.

Tidal Power Rules...!

Let's make it happen!


The current value of this entire enterprise is $1,000,000, as per my determination.

I have issued 1,000,000 shares, valued at $1 each.

200,000 of these shares are available to the public at this time.

But, that’s getting the cart a little ahead of the horse.

The first goal is to make my computer graphic prints valuable.

Here we go…


I have a pretty good sized inventory of framed and loose prints for sale.

The average price for framed will be in the $25 to $50 range.

Loose prints are $5 and $10 each.

I hope to sell them here in Lynn.

They brighten any room with a sense of the beach and coastline.

You’ll smell salt air and hear seagulls in the distance.

Once there are enough of the prints out there for people to see, discussion will create a buzz.

Talk it up if you have one.

I will then open an auction page on the website.

Those of you who buy now will have the earliest of my ‘early work’.

These will become more valuable than later editions as always happens with AHHT.

The first time someone sells an authenticated, 'early' print, purchased for $50 and gets $100, the value of all those still in the possession of their original owners doubles in value.

Everybody who gets in early makes money, even if you keep your piece.

It will become an insurable asset once the price has been established via market.

I intend to continue adding zeros to the right as the value increases.

$50...$100...$500...even $5000 for the very first numbered editions...and up as this project takes off.

That is how AHHT becomes wealth.

The AHHT generated wealth will provide the funds to develop Shoreline Earth Tidal Generator #1...( see below ).

So, in the simplest of terms…

If Lynners like what I present, and will invest a few bucks in my AHHT, we will all profit, potentially greatly.

Tidal Power, via Generator #1, will boost the local economy enormously.

There’s more to this.

Don’t forget the shares.

I will add zeroes to the right on their value as well.

Stay tuned!

UPDATE...here's more...

Lynn has amazing Global reach via social media.

Our wildly multi-ethnic population has friends and relatives on every continent and most of the islands.

Let them know that something good is happening in Lynn.

This is a google sponsored webpage via blogger.

If Shoreline Earth gets millions of clicks from all over the world, google's 'bots' will take notice and feature the blog.

I have already prepared a challenge for google.

Clicks from everywhere will stimulate google to participate.

It is a unique way to use blogger.

Shoreline Earth will stimulate other new offerings via blogger.

More creative uses of blogger means more users.

That is google's goal at all times.

We can help google with its goals.

Then make some investment suggestions for them in Lynn.

That's the type of money we need looking into Lynn for investment.

And we can make it happen, doing what we all do every day.

Facebook it.

Tweet it.

Do whatever you normally do to get something good out to your network.

Watch what starts to happen around here then.


In a way, it's like Reverse Crowd Funding.

With our plan, the crowd is going to fund google first, then ask for financial consideration.

We help them first, showing that we can reach a large audience, producing clicks and sign ups for google.

They, in turn fund us, because the better we do, the more traffic will be directed their way.

Plus, google's top people appear all over the media as proponents for alternative energy.

How can they say no?

By the time this matters, other media outlets will have begun coverage.

If google says no, it's bad PR for them.

There are a lot of outlets looking to smear google just because it is profitable to do so.

Like I said, how can they say no?

This is serendipitous marketing, synchronicity in action, if you will.

It's amazingly easy.

All ya gotta do is talk it up on your gadget.


Shoreline Earth will be a great addition to Lynn's Waterfront Plan.

It dovetails seamlessly and enhances everything.


Reverse Crowd Funding could become a new 'thing'.

Google will be be able to say they were the first to participate in this new means of stimulating The Economy, more good PR, compliments of The Citizenry of Lynn Mass USA.

There's a lot to offer here.

Take a look!



Here's something else we can all do for ourselves.

Turn this into a huge hit, from The People of Lynn Mass USA.

Click below then click the youtube link...enjoy and sing along...

Climate song

Down The Beach...Lynn Mass USA
Highly Educational...Extremely Profitable


Fast forward five or six years...

Telecomsat G2 returns from space, preparing to touch down in Lynn Harbor for recycling, while a row of 5Mw Tidal Power Generators operate silently, out of sight and out of mind on the Sea bottom, along a line from Nahant to Swampscott.

Lynn is an Economic Miracle In Action.

Welcome to Shoreline Earth, Lynn, Massachusetts, USA.

If you live on Earth, you need to know more about this.

If you live in Lynn, you can help make it happen.

This webpage features information and solutions aimed at leveling the playing field in our confrontation with Global Change.

Scroll down.

Stay a minute.

You'll be glad you're here.

We better stay a step ahead of Global Change or we could find ourselves up the proverbial creek without a paddle, facing a raging wall of seawater.

That is our purpose, get a step ahead, and stay at least that far in front.

Shoreline Earth is unprecedented in its scope.

Nothing like it has ever been attempted.

We will need more unprecedented thoughts and actions if we are to successfully confront the Global Changes ahead.

Because, nothing like these impending changes has ever happened.

Shoreline Earth is ready to go.

Click the electrical outlet for my google + page.
Scroll down the g+ page.
You'll get the idea.
Return here for the in depth view.

Humans have sought a source of Perpetual Energy since time began.

But, Perpetual Motion, the necessary engine of Perpetual Energy, has long been thought impossible.

What about The Tide?

The Moon and The Ocean are working in harmony to give us this gift.

The most powerful engine on Earth, Our New Ocean, sways steadily and predictably back and forth, powered by The Moon, without ever stopping.

With the advent of Sea Level Rise, Our New Ocean is getting more powerful by the day.

If The Tide ever does stop, we certainly won’t be around to know about it, so it will have run continuously for as long as anyone aware of the concept of Perpetuality is alive.

That’s Free Perpetual Energy in my book.

Let’s use it.

We are surrounded by exactly what we need.

Why fight it?

The Perpetual Motion Of The Ocean is an unstoppable force, creating immeasurable torque, all day every day.

Torque drives turbines.

Turbines generate electricity.

Every sloping coastline on Earth is a potentially infinite resource.

Why aren’t we going after this awesome, non-diminishing resource with every bit of resolve at our disposal?

In my opinion, it is because the scientists and engineers who have been involved with Tidal Power so far are wrong in their approach.

All seem to believe that a Tidal Generator must be placed in a fast moving current, or some other unique coastal region where the force of The Tide is funneled through a channel and the speed of the water is accelerated.

Simply put, none of the scientists and engineers can picture the Perpetual Motion Of The Ocean moving fast enough to spin the generator’s rotor at RPMs needed to produce electricity.

After a great deal of study and research, I disagree.

For example, I’m currently working to develop Tidal Power in Lynn Mass USA, a city on The North Shore of Boston, with a long stretch of gently sloping beach.

My best estimate of the actual speed over the bottom of incoming and outgoing tide at this location is approximately .05 MPH.

The Tide travels horizontally from low to high every 6 hours, over a distance between ¼ and ½ mile.

That’s pretty slow, but it is relentless and constantly exerts more force than we can measure.

That force is the torque needed to drive a Tidal Power Generator.

Prevailing generator wisdom says that gearing up from a slowly rotating shaft is too inefficient for practical use.

Too much of the essential torque is lost in transmission via the shafts and gearing.

However, previous gear driven devices did not have the pull of The Moon and the sway of The Ocean driving them, for free.

My Tidal Power generator never stops producing, consuming nothing, producing zero emissions, sitting on the Sea bottom, silently, out of sight and out of mind, churning slowly and steadily along, producing much needed cheap electricity.

But, there is little or no progress on Tidal Power because the more well known alternatives, Solar and Wind, have just now begun to show potential for profit after decades of development.

There’s no investment money available to start up Tidal Power unless it is proven clearly superior to Solar and Wind.

That is my intention, Proof!

Let’s start with my thoughts about Lynn Mass USA and its shoreline.

The State of Massachusetts faces an energy crisis with the impending closure of regional Nuclear Power Plants over the upcoming years.

Our Governor, Charlie Baker, has stated he wants to purchase Hydro Power drawn from Canada as a replacement for the lost Nukes.

Tidal Power is the ultimate Hydro Power, and we have miles of sloping coastline right here in Massachusetts.

Again, Tidal Power gets overlooked because there has never been a reason to consider it a valid alternative, until now.

Tidal Power remains an experimental technology, tinkered with and experimented on by Universities and Government agencies.

It has never come close to looking like a profitable choice.

That said, I propose a ‘For Profit Venture’, based my design for Shoreline Earth Tidal Power Generator #1.

#1 will steadily produce 5Mw, all day, every day, with no waiting for the Sun to break through or the wind to blow at the needed speed.

Nothing alters or slows The Tide.


The biggest problem explaining this concept to investors comes because all the people on Earth who are conversant in how Tidal Power Generators work could fit in one medium size room, and they are already deeply involved with their own projects.

It seems that nobody is out there looking to invest in Tidal Power because they know zero about it, or are already invested and working on their own projects.

How can wind farms on the water, with generators producing at about 30% of capacity and requiring astronomical investment with high maintenance costs be of any long term value?

Yet there are proposals to build vast wind farms on the water all along the US East Coast.

They will stand there for all to view, featuring their big, ungainly blades, whirring slowly above the water, making constant noise and killing waterbirds.

This wind on the water vision has not been well received by the public, but it is going to happen anyway with the huge investments currently available.

My Tidal Power concept sits silently on the bottom, out of sight and out of mind, churning out juice 24/7 at no less than 80/90% generation capacity all day every day.

There is also considerably less maintenance and set-up expense required for my Tidal Power Generator than for wind on the water.

I can steadily produce 5Mw for less than $1 million/Mw.

Wind, with its sporadic production, is closer to $1.5 million/Mw from what I can learn online.

The unit price will quickly drop below $1 million/Mw as production of these 'Plug and Play’ generators increases.

Wind is at $1.5 million/Mw after years of production and development.

I need knowledgeable, open minded engineers and talented 3-D CAD draftsman to put this over the top.

Access to the public will take care of the rest.

Once this is explained and understood, people will demand it start happening ASAP.

It will be self perpetuating, like The Tide, and just as relentlessly unstoppable.

Developing Tidal Power will be like NASA, applications developed in the quest for cheap, sustainable energy will prove valuable in numerous applications down the road.

Our New Ocean is sitting there, waiting for us to awaken to the fact that all we have to do is ‘borrow’ a small percentage of The Ocean’s power to solve our energy problems.

Think about it!

How can we ignore this gift from The Ocean and The Moon?

They remain two of the most fascinating and enduring wonders extant.

We already love both just for being there.

Soon, we could have a reason to cherish their presence even more.

smythspace@gmail.com copy/paste

Start here...

What’s this all about?

Some guy from Lynn, Massachusetts, USA, says he can launch a recyclable telecommunications satellite that uses no fuel, and he can generate electricity from the motion of the tide.

He claims the two will stimulate the Global Economy in ways never previously imagined, while putting Lynn on the map as a center of innovation and industry.

But he’s putting the satellite and generator projects on the back burner to concentrate on Sea Level Rise.

Because, if we ignore the rising tide, we won’t be needing either of his products.


How about this.

The rising tide can become part of the solution.

We're onto something here.

Tidal Power has been lost in the shuffle during this recent alternative energy push.


Earth's Ocean is the most powerful engine on this planet.

There must be a way to harness that energy for our use.

Sea Level Rise assures us that Tidal Power will never be a diminishing resource.

It is getting bigger and more powerful by the day.

Why are we missing out?

Very simply put...

There is basically no Tidal Power production because the technology remains in the hands of Universities and Foundations.

Tidal Power remains an experimental technology.

The deeper you look into the current state of development, the more you see the same few people and institutions perpetuating funding and studies.

I've approached it from the 'can it make a buck' standpoint and come up with the idea of 5Mw 'Plug and Play' units that can be placed along the seabed.

My design is readily doable using existing tech.

Compared to the average $1.5 million per Kw installation cost for a wind generator operating at 30% efficiency, my design ( in production ) will end up being $4/5 million installed.

That's about $1 million per Kw, with efficiency numbers above 80%.

Maintenance cost will be a fraction of that required for offshore wind farms.

Unlike wind, these units are silent, out of sight, and out of mind.

Unfortunately, it's a challenge to present this proposal because so few people on Earth know anything at all about the subject.

Nobody in business or finance has the time or the inclination to start at day one, Tidal Power 101.

This must change.

I am ready, willing, and able to get that change started.

Hopefully, this webpage will get you started along with me.

Shoreline Earth features words and pictures with a purpose.

It's fun to look at and easy to read.

This material is educational and it presents profit potential beyond imagination.

Ready whenever anyone else is.

Welcome to Our New Ocean.

Earth’s Ocean is expanding and overtaking the shoreline.

Celebrate Shoreline Earth before it disappears.

We really do not know what to expect from Sea Level Rise.

The science is new.

The data is fresh and developing by the day.

But, all indications are that we can expect up to two feet of Sea Level Rise over the next fifty years in certain locations around the globe.

One of those locations is The US East Coast, specifically The North Shore of Boston, Massachusetts.

The Atlantic Meridional Overturning Current rules The Atlantic Ocean. ( AMOC )

It is the most thoroughly researched and best understood of the major Ocean currents.

The Gulf Stream, carrying warm surface water North, is a component of AMOC.

Research shows The Gulf Stream is getting warmer, bigger, and closer to shore.

We all know that warmer waters, closer to shore, will feed Atlantic Hurricanes as they make their way North.

As coastal waters continue to warm, storms will carry their full tropical strength further North than ever before.

These storms will bring tides that are two feet higher before the storm surge.

This is not good news for those of us living along The North Shore, or anywhere else along The US East Coast.

Change is happening.

Earth’s Ocean is warming and expanding.

The Coast Is Toast.


Learn to understand and appreciate the ever changing coastal environment.

That’s my suggestion for how to deal with Sea Level Rise.

We are literally and figuratively surrounded.

Can’t stop it.

Learn to live with it.

Make it pay for itself by using the increasing power of the tide to generate cheap electricity.

Then show Elon Musk, et al. how to launch and recover a satellite and land it smoothly on The Ocean.

Gotta love it!


smythspace@gmail.com copy/paste