Sunday, January 4, 2015

The Shoreline gains a voice...

Sea Level Rise threatens Earth's Shoreline.

Two feet, and the coast is toast.

What does this mean for our future on Planet Earth?

We need to know more about Sea Level Rise right now.

Let's give The Shoreline a voice.

I'd love to hear what the world's foremost expert has to say.



Shoreline Earth here.

Kindly take a moment of your time to absorb this thought.

There's plenty of news about Sea Level Rise and what it means to Humans.

What about me?

I'm stuck here in the middle of all this, getting worked over at every turn, with no voice in the matter.

It's time for Yours Truly to speak up and have a say in the Sea Level Rise discussion.

Pay attention or the glorious beauty you love so much is history.

The rising Ocean churns on one side, while confused Humans dither on the other.

Earth's Ocean has altered my appearance countless times over the Eons.

Drastic changes happen repetitively, cumulatively, and spontaneously.

What you see atop this page is the natural result. 

Everybody loves it.

Nature has given you this ever changing gift.

On the other hand, Human activities have been messing up my beauty while trying to push back The Ocean for centuries.

With the advent of Sea Level Rise, efforts to alter tidal flow will run amok.

Concerned property owners will do anything imaginable to protect coastal development.

Images like the dredge above will be commonplace along every coast.

This will disrupt and change coastal environments all over The Planet to no avail.

It's time for me to speak up.

Earth's Ocean is unstoppable.

Believe me!

Remember, I have a lot more experience standing up to the relentless power of  The Ocean than you ever will.

Humans will never stem the rising tide.

This is The Ocean we're talking about.

It does what it wants, when it wants, and goes wherever it chooses, whenever it chooses.


I accept the changes and go with the flow.

Think it through.

You should too.

If you don't, this is going to get ugly.

Your children and their children will be paying for this futile battle against The Ocean.

And, there won't be any beautiful beaches left to sooth their stress.

Heads up, Humans!

Shoreline Earth...Dec 26...2014...


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