Thursday, January 29, 2015

Sea Level Certainty...

Sea Level Rise has implications light years beyond our immediate grasp.

No matter how much scientific evidence is presented, this will continue to be 'learn as it happens'.

Sea Level Rise is a real time, Earth changing event.

These changes have been happening since before time.

This time, we are here to experience the changes as they happen.

Right now, we have zero sense of how to proceed because we have no idea what may happen.

Confused Humans react badly when faced with doubt and fear.

In simpler terms, uncertainty makes lots of people do cuckoo things.

That's not a pretty picture.

There is one certainty.

Tidal Power is on the rise.

In an age of consumption, Tidal Power consumes nothing.

While other sources of energy are constantly being depleted, we know from scientific evidence that the power of Earth's Tides is increasing.

Tidal Power, via undersea turbine, represents a perpetual source of energy on the upswing.

After initial investments and maintenance costs are met, it's FREE 24/7/365, infinitely sustainable, and getting stronger by the minute.

Introductory marketing will be FREE.

Media outlets will trip all over themselves to cover this story.

Sound too good to be true?

Pie in the sky?

You tell me.

We are going to have to pay for Sea Level Rise.

Why not get a jump on things by tackling The Energy Crisis?

The money will help contend with the destructive aspect of Sea Level Rise.

Here's how we start things rolling...

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