Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Before You Begin...

So far, Sea Level Rise has been a confusing jumble of conflicting information.

It's part of Climate Change.

What else would you expect?

Half the people on Earth are instant deniers, "There's no such thing."

Half of the other half have serious doubts.

Most of the rest are journalists parroting the half-baked opinions of the deniers and doubters.

That may be a slight exaggeration, but you get the point.

This situation is a mess before it even happens, exacerbated by shabby journalism and preconceived notions based upon earlier shabby journalism.

That said.

Below you will find a realistic look at Sea Level Rise with proposed solutions.

The deniers, doubters, and journalists have muddied the waters, so to speak.

But, this is The Ocean we're looking at.

The changing tide will clear things up if we step back and look at what's happening all around us.

Let's gain some clarity before decisions are made based on today's murky, fogbound outlook.

I am not a paid journalist.

This is personal.

At age 67, after a lifetime of working along the coast as a wooden boat carpenter, I do not want to spend the rest of my time on Earth watching Earth's Shoreline become totally Anthropomorphicized in a futile attempt to hold back The Ocean.

What are we going to do?

Turn the entire Planet into The Netherlands?

Confused, misinformed people are about to initiate one long lasting string of mistakes after another in response to the bogus reportage.

Earth's Shoreline is my home.

Kindly join me on this quest by checking out this page and links.

As you read, you will be transported back in time to 2007, when The Climate Crisis really got rolling, setting the wheels in motion for Sea Level Rise and the ensuing confusion.

Here are the first words I ever wrote on the subject...Jan '07...

"There's a Seachange a comin'

comin' for us all

we're bound to get swept up in it

all ridin' on this ball

since what you see

is what you get

learn to see it all"

That's my CV and purpose in a nutshell...all Shoreline...all the time...I love it...!

You'd be wise to absorb this material and pass the knowledge forward.

Believe me, you, and everyone else will be glad you did!

Enjoy...learn...speak up...!

This is a great read, complete with beautiful shoreline imagery like this.

You'll come away with a brighter outlook and you may even smile a time or two along the way.

Free smiles are always a bonus.

Spread it through your network.

Let me know your thoughts.    copy/paste

This is about more than Sea Level Rise.

It's about life in the near future.

How are we going to maintain The 21st Century Nexus?

Climate Change   Maritime Commerce 
Satellite Telecommunications   Global Economy

Climate Change will effect Maritime Commerce as Sea Level rises.

Satellite Telecommunications makes Maritime Commerce work.

Maritime Commerce makes The Global Economy work.

These four elements are essential to our survival.

That’s The 21st Century Nexus.

Sea Level Rise is the root.

The Future stems from there.


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