Monday, July 27, 2015

Hansen Report...Coming Soon...Unstoppable Sea Level Rise...

The biggest news in the history of Sea Level Rise just hit the main stream media like a jolt of electricity.

James Hansen, Climate Provocateur Extraordinaire, predicts doom.

This is bound to generate all manner of speculative nonsense in the upcoming months.

Before you get swept up in the deluge of conflicting information, check this out.

Nobody knows what is going to happen with Sea Level Rise.

This is unprecedented in Human History.

All the science and media attention in the world still leaves us wondering and waiting.

One thing is certain.

Forget the Hansen scenario.

If Sea Level rises Two feet in fifty years we are up the proverbial creek without a paddle.

This is brand new stuff.

The data is all raw.

Its meaning is unknown.

But, if we actually face thermally expanding Seas and melting ice to the tune of Two feet, every port on Earth will cease to function.

The Global economy will stagger and come to a stop.

While this is going on, coastal cities will face Sandyesque storms on a regular basis.

Imagine Sandy with The Ocean Two feet deeper.

It's time to gather our thoughts and start making the best of this situation.

Take a look here and make of it what you will.

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