Thursday, October 9, 2014

Take A Look...You'll Feel Better...

Sea Level Rise, and our response to it, is a rapidly changing phenomenon that will alter our very existence.

Even if Sea Level Rise never happens.

No kidding!

Let yourself absorb this news.

Check out the rest of the page.

Don't miss the linked images and green text.

Read as much as holds your interest.

You can always come back.

Take a few minutes to consider your thoughts.

You'll see things differently.

Stay tuned to Shoreline Earth.

Come back often.

There's much more still to come.

In the previous month alone, the science has done a flip-flop.

Local politicians have promised to build seawalls around every coastal community on Earth.

Media outlets are going bananas trying to report on something nobody really understands.

The media madness alone makes it a major event.

Spurious, agenda driven info/data absorbed via the web will lead us down a slippery slope.

At best.

Confusion reigns!

Take a look!


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