Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The Shoreline Is My Home...

...and The Shoreline is in trouble.

Sea Level is rising.

What should we do?

As an independent boat carpenter, my existence has long revolved around Earth's Shoreline.

This personal interest led to an intense study of Sea Level Rise via the web.

Along with reading hundreds of articles and reports, I've been fortunate enough to correspond with the top people in the field when questions arise.

There's a lot of spurious info/data being spewed by various media outlets.

Dialog with these experts allowed me to sort the media hype from the science.

The material below is well researched and substantiated as thoroughly as possible, given the current state of Sea Level Rise knowledge.

My goal is to present a realistic idea of what is likely to happen v. agenda driven, alarmist speculation.

Here's my take on Sea Level Rise...the real skinny...with solutions...from someone who truly loves and respects Earth's Shoreline...can't beat that!

Introducing The 21st Century Nexus

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