Shoreline Earth...2.1.2017...

Hi, I'm Steve Smyth, 1947, baby boomer, Pure Product of America.

I’ve spent most of my life along Earth’s shoreline, attending the school of life while working as a wooden boat builder.

Classes were held at boatyards, barrooms, and beaches.

This unusual pursuit has led me to a sense of immeasurable fulfillment.

I learned what I needed to know, thanks to a daily dose of unique experiences, mixed with the wisdom offered by lifelong denizens of the aforementioned locales.

After all this time, my strongest urge is to share the outlook I’ve gained along the way.

Becoming the spokesperson for Shoreline Earth seems like a good way to start.

With the advent of sea level rise, Shoreline Earth is undergoing serious changes.

While humans dither and squabble over who is at fault and what will happen, Shoreline Earth has the most at stake, with no say in the matter.

Let’s give her a voice and provide the ol’ gal a chance to share her thoughts and feelings before she becomes part of the geologic record.

Get to know and appreciate Shoreline Earth.

Here’s a selfie now.

Shoreline Earth

Back to spreading the wisdom around...

Here are two of my favorite ol' sayings from around the Gloucester, Massachusetts waterfront.

"It's a great life if ya don't weaken."

"Old age ain't for sissies."

I heard those from guys in their 80s and 90s who were still getting up every day and contributing something worthwhile.

That qualifies their remarks as wisdom in my book.

With the above in mind, take a look at these comments about us and our approach to sea level rise.

What we think, believe, or hope for in the sea level rise debate is meaningless to the ocean.

Our arguments amount to zip on the grand scale.

That said, the shoreline as we know it is history.

The coast is toast, if you will.

Since none of us knows what to do, let’s seek guidance from a voice that everyone can trust.

Give the shoreline a voice.

I'd love to hear what the world's foremost expert has to say.


Shoreline Earth here.

That’s my selfie above, in all my naked glory.

Pretty nice, don’tcha think?

With that in mind, kindly take a moment of your time to absorb these thoughts.

There's plenty of news about sea level rise and what it means to humans.

How about what it means to me?

I'm stuck here in the middle of all this, getting worked over at every turn, with no voice in the matter.

It's time for me to speak up and have a say in the sea level rise discussion.

From my point of view, the rising ocean churns on one side, while confused humans dither on the other.

The churning ocean is nothing new to me.

Earth's ocean has greatly altered my appearance countless times over the Eons.

Drastic changes happen repetitively, cumulatively, and often spontaneously.

Humans love to marvel over these ever changing acts of nature.

People are fascinated when molten lava runs into the sea and modifies my appearance.

How do you think that feels?

Undersea earthquakes cause Tsunamis that wash me inland for miles.

Talk about upheaval.

These are regular occurrences in my tumultuous existence.

Then humans come along and change my contours by building seawalls and breakwaters to divert the tide so they can have their homes and businesses as close to the water’s edge as they dare to get.

The changes never stop.

Now, with the advent of sea level rise, efforts to alter rising tides could run amok.

Concerned property owners will do anything imaginable to protect their valuable seaside investment.

This will disrupt and change coastal environments all over the globe to no avail.

It's time for me to speak up.

Earth's ocean is unstoppable.

Believe me!

Remember, I have a lot more experience standing up to the relentless power of the ocean than you ever will.

I did it long before there were humans around, and I’m still here.

There have been times when the ocean boiled and times when it was sixty feet deeper.

You are very lucky to be here right now.

You would not have stood a chance in the past.

For the record, you will never stem the rising tide.

This is The Ocean we're talking about.

It does what it wants, when it wants, and goes wherever it chooses, whenever it chooses.

And, it does so on it’s own time, a time frame that far transcends anything humans can manage.

Learn to live with it.

Then start learning what to do with all that fresh water you are allowing to run off the top of melting glaciers, while you continue to transport more and more oil, the fuel most of you think is causing the warming you fear.

SUVs are not more important to you than fresh water, no matter how many advertisements try to convince you otherwise.

Think, people!


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computer artistry

NW Passage changes everything...

This is the biggest story ever to hit the Climate Change discussion.

In which, Don and Vlad play nice, saving the world from ISIS, while developing previously unheard of economic prosperity.

There are as many people excited about Global Warming and Sea Level Rise as there are bemoaning its arrival.

While a sense of impending doom is being disseminated by the media, they’ve totally missed the fact that change is definitely coming and the people who recognize it first, with a sense of purpose, will prosper.

The Northwest Passage is going to be open for business very soon.

It won’t be long before US and Russian vessels are transporting goods via said legendary passage.

Maybe Trump and Putin are among those who see climate change and rising tide as the future, with a ‘why fight it’ approach.

Russia is our next big economic ally.

I bet treaties assuring safe passage, and access to China for both sides are in the works right now.

Each nation is playing things close to the diplomatic vest for the moment, but both already know that total co-operation is best for all involved, so let’s just start from there.

It has suddenly become possible for the major economic powers of the world to create a previously unimaginable trade route, escaping the Silk Road, and Khyber Pass threats of the past.

This would basically eliminate commerce with countries along the old trade routes.

The vast majority of terror and fighting in today’s world is along those old trade routes.

Desert fighters ain’t gonna travel to the Arctic in their Toyotas.

Doing business without ISIS changes the world.

Just the idea of it is exciting to the really smart people.

According to The Donald, he is surrounded by ‘really smart people’.

Let’s start seeing some proof.

Get Putin on the phone with a live feed to all media, discuss the prospect openly, and let’s start making it happen.

This has to be spontaneous to have any validity, no months of prep.

Now or never.

Tell us what’s on your mind.

You both love to mess with the media.

This will stand them on their ears.

Imagine the ratings.

The Northwest Passage awaits.

Increased industrial output, especially since the Chinese use a lot of coal, will create more CO2, accelerating warming and opening the way.

Be smart.

Do the right thing.

Your Presidentship, Sir, stop posturing and bluffing.

It’s time to stop savoring that excited little boy giggle you get when you dispense doubt and fear.

It’s unbecoming of a Gentleman.

Talk to Vlad about the possibility of trade without ISIS.

Present it live to the world.

What an alliance!

Show us how smart you and your pal really are.

If you can tell the truth and still succeed, you will transcend politics in favor of the people.

That’s what you said you would do.

Remember, you work for us now.

Get started.