Free And Easy Reading...

Digital Stills
Evocative Images
from the serenity of the shoreline

Words and pictures, presented in support of Tidal Power.


Give it a few minutes.

The topics are wide ranging but focused.

Shoreline Earth is a new form.

Some of it is rock bottom, down to Earth, while some is so cosmic it will make your head spin.

None of it is BS.

Just read along with no preconceived notions, or expectations.

Let your mind absorb the words from the screen.

It reads pretty fast.

Take it in like a sponge.

You'll learn stuff you never dreamed of, stuff that will brighten your outlook.

As you proceed, you will come across text links like this one

Most of the images also link. 

Let yourself follow these links, but remember to return to Shoreline Earth after you've checked out what appears at the link.

In other words, roam freely, at your own pace, but always return to base for direction.

Oh, yeah...scroll back up and click the sand dollar.

It will take you to my support system.

Computer Artistry will allow "Free And Easy Reading" to remain FREE.

NOTE RE prints...

"Digital Stills", will soon be available via this website for $100/ea.

These Evocative Images are printed on canvas and framed, ready to hang.

In addition to a beautiful piece of artwork, your purchase will include 100 shares in this entire project.

The back of each piece will feature your original, signed stock certificate.

These early pieces will rapidly gain value, as both the stock certificate and the artwork become sought after.

I've issued 1 million shares, valued at $1.00/ea, making your framed print immediately worth $200.

Art, especially the 'early work', can be a great investment over the long term.

"Digital Stills" starts paying from the start, and will continue to increase in value.

More to follow...


As  you proceed, you will see a lot about Lynn Mass USA.

Lynn is my home town, and the proposed location for Shoreline Earth Tidal Power Generator #1.  

Lynn's coastline is ideal for the development of Tidal Power.

Most of the early work on this project was done in Lynn.

Seeds have been sewn with Lynn's 'powers that be'.