Perpetual Green Energy...A Dream Come True...

The Lynn Maritime Future Center
LMFC presents…
Sea Level Rise is a gift from Nature.
It’s going to solve our energy problems just in the nick of time.
We can’t relax, but we get one deep breath before forging ahead.
Ok, here we go!
This is about the future of Tidal Power.
Why Tidal?
It uses zero fuel.
There is no stink or noise.
Nobody has to look at it or listen to it.
And, at a time when all natural resources are dwindling at alarming rates, Tidal Power is getting stronger every day.
Sea Level Rise is guaranteeing that for us.
Tidal Power is not going to run out.
The real question is, “Why not Tidal?”
Because it doesn’t produce…yet.
That is because nobody has looked at capturing Tidal Power the right way…yet.
The Lynn Maritime Future Center presents a new approach.
LMFC offers a device which borrows the entire “Motion of The Ocean” as tides change.
This is readily doable.
That’s right.
Think about it.
Zero fuel consumption…ever!
I’ve designed the basics of a “Plug and Play” underwater Tidal Powered Electric Generator capable of consistently producing 5 Mw.
“Plug and Play” meaning it is a stand alone unit, delivered to your location and set up to generate.
These units can operate alone for specific use or they can be clustered in an array along the bottom to power your homes and offices.
This is possible because the LMFC generator attempts to capture, absorb, and transfer the entire sway of The Ocean.
Obviously nothing can truly capture the Ocean, but the relentless, unstoppable force is always there.
All we need to do is borrow a small amount of that energy for one small moment, all the time, over and over again, forever.
And still, nothing is consumed!
Humans can once again begin to flourish on Planet Earth because of this Natural Gift of infinitely sustainable Tidal Power.
Our expansive spirit can be unleashed from this recent deluge of, ‘all the good stuff is gone, woe is us, the sky is falling’, nonsense.
That negative sensation we all feel stems from our dwindling sources of power.
The Human spirit is being drained right along with the over consumed natural resources we lament so greatly.
We can all feel our energy trickling away.
We need to recover our sense of expansiveness.
It’s what got us this far.
LMFC Tidal Power is the solution to this recovery.
Stay tuned.
Ready whenever anyone else is!
Forward looking investors/partners sought.
Steve Smyth   copy/paste
Lynn Maritime Future Center…

Lynn Mass USA...Shoreline Earth
As relentless as the tide...and just as reliable…!



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